Current Lab Members
Alif Silpachai
Ph.D. Student / Phonetics
Research Assistant
Alif holds an M.A. in Theoretical Linguistics from the University of Southern California. His research interests are in phonetics, second language acquisition, and historical linguistics.

email: alif at
Emily Dux Speltz
Ph.D. Student / Written Language Processing
Senior Research Assistant
Emily holds an M.A. in TESL/Applied Linguistics from Iowa State University. Her research interests center around the applications of writing-process research to computer-assisted writing pedagogy.

email: endux at
Jamie Smith
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Jamie is double-majoring in Communication Studies and Spanish. She is interested in language acquisition and intercultural communication.

email: jglsmith at
Jennifer Godbersen
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Jennifer is majoring in English. She is interested in historical linguistics, language acquisition, and the writing process.

email: jmgodber at
MacKenzie Novotny
Research Coordinator / Second Language Pronunciation

MacKenzie holds an M.A. in TESL/Applied Linguistics from Iowa State University. She is coordinating research projects in second language pronunciation.

email: mnovotny at
Nadia Dobrynina
M.A. Student / Corpus Linguistics
Teaching Assistant
Nadia holds an M.A. in Translation Studies from the Russian State University for the Humanities. She is interested in the applications of corpus linguistics to materials development and computer-assisted language learning.

email: nadezhda at
Noëmie Sollier
Ph.D. Student / Second Language Acquisition
Research Assistant
Noëmie holds an M.A. in French Linguistics from Indiana University. She is interested in combining several areas of Computational Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition in order to design language learning tools.

email: nsollier at
Savannah Maynard
M.A. Student / Historical Linguistics
Teaching Assistant
Savannah holds a B.A. in Linguistics and Spanish from Iowa State University. She is interested in historical linguistics and second language acquisition.

email: smaynard at
Slava Vovchenko
M.A. Student / Computer-Assisted Language Learning
Teaching Assistant
Slava holds an M.A. in Translation Studies from the Russian State University for the Humanities. He is interested in computer-assisted language learning.

email: viach at
Wren Bouwman
M.A. Student / Historical Linguistics
Teaching Assistant
Wren holds a B.A. in English from Iowa State University. She is interested in Old English literature, historical linguistics, and higher education pedagogy.

email: bouwman at
Zoë DeKruif
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Zoë is majoring in Linguistics. She is interested in the relationship between language and culture and in the documentation of endangered languages.

email: zdekruif at
Evgeny Chukharev-Hudilainen
Associate Professor
Evgeny holds a Ph.D. in Linguistics from Herzen State University in Russia and an M.S. in Computer Science from Arkhangelsk State Technical University. He is interested in language processing, language acquisition, and language change. Learn more

email: evgeny at
Affiliate Members
Kate Challis
M.A. Student / Corpus Linguistics
Major Professor: Bethany Gray
Kate holds a B.A. in French Teaching with a minor in TESOL K-12 from Brigham Young University. She is interested in corpus linguistics, second language acquisition, and Czech. In PACE Lab, Kate is an active member of the Historical Linguistics group.

email: kchallis at
Reza Neiriz
Ph.D. Student / Oral Communication Assessment
Major Professor: Gary Ockey
Reza has an M.A. in English Language Teaching from Middle East Technical University. He is interested in developing and validating natural language processing and machine learning techniques for the assessment of oral communication and interactional competence. In PACE Lab, Reza is working as a research assistant and software developer on multiple projects.

email: rneiriz at
Ned Watson
Research Collaborator / Historical Linguistics
Ned is pursuing a B.A. in Mathematical Models of Language at Grinnell College, with primary research interests in computational historical linguistics and morphosyntax. He joined PACE Lab as a research intern in the summer of 2021, and continues to collaborate with the Historical Lingusitics group.

email: watsonle at
Alumni (Graduate)
Aysel Sarıcaoğlu Aygan
Ph.D. Second Language Writing (2015)
Social Sciences University of Ankara, Turkey
Hui-Hsien Feng
Ph.D. Second Language Writing (2015)
National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
Monica Ghosh
Ph.D. Second Language Pronunciation (2016)
Iowa State University, Iowa, USA
Mandy Qian
Ph.D. Second Language Pronunciation (2018)
LinkedIn Corporation, California, USA
Brody Dingel
M.A. Second Language Vocabulary (2020)
Hy-Vee Software Egineering, Iowa, USA

Nazlınur Göktürk Tüney
Ph.D. Second Language Assessment (2020)
Ministry of National Education, Turkey
Laura Raught
M.A. Historical Linguistics (2021)

Alumni (Undergraduate Research Assistants)
  • Aaron Zatorski
  • Adam Matthews
  • Andrea Olson
  • Annaliese Pietsch
  • Breanna Planica
  • Carly Johansen
  • Christina Hickman
  • Elizabeth Longnecker
  • Erin Cannon
  • Holly Appleton
  • James Heckathorn
  • Joey Hage
  • Katelyn Durbin
  • Kat Stoldt
  • Kaitlyn Cope
  • Kelli Rozendaal
  • Lucas Figueroa
  • Maria Brodskiy
  • Matt DeFelice
  • Matthew Bowden
  • Miles Conlan
  • Phillip Weber
  • Rosie Zbaracki
  • Sylvia Dean
  • Robyn Riley
  • Tyler Uhlenkamp